Microcycle will define the completion of your 4 workouts one time through. This will take 7 days.

Macrocycle will define the completion of 4 microcycles. This will take 28 days.

Explosive movement set is done before the core movement during warm ups. These are body weight exercises used to train fast-twitch, all out engagement mimicking core movements. Jump Squats on squat day, Clapping Pushups on press day, Jump Squats or Explosive Hyperextensions on lift day, and Medicine Ball Slams on pull day. 6-8 reps.

One rep max (1RM) is the amount of weight that you can lift for 1 rep on any particular exercise. The 1 rep max can be estimated or determined through actual attempts in the gym.

Core movements are the heaviest, biggest complex moves. They are the central point of the day.

Supplemental movements mimic the core movements, but they are less big, less heavy. They target the same muscle groups but are somewhat more limited.

As many reps as possible (AMRAP) is the concept of going to muscle failure or form breakdown. Every last working set should be AMRAP.

Session consists of warmup, core, supplement, (ab), HIIT, and cool down.

Weekly Schedule:

Day 1: Squat
Day 2: Pull
Day 3: Body stretches and light cardio
Day 4: Lift
Day 5: Stretching
Day 6: Press
Day 7: Off
Warm Up:

Low intensity cardio to get the body warmed up. Five to ten minutes of walking on the treadmill.
Perform first warm up set.
Perform first explosive movement set.
Perform second warm up set.
Perform second explosive movement set.
Perform third warm up set.
Perform third, and last, explosive movement set.
Perform fourth warm up set – if necessary.
Core sets:

Always performed in the order of Squat, Pull, Lift, Press. The macrocycle will progress over the course of four microcycles.

Week 1: 60% of 1RM, 3×8, third is AMRAP
Week 2: 70% of 1RM, 3×6, third is AMRAP
Week 3: 80% of 1RM, 3×4, third is AMRAP
Week 4: 90% of 1RM, 3×1, third is AMRAP
Squats Pull Lift Press
Back Squat Pull Up Conventional Deadlift Flat BB Press
Back Box Squat Chin Up Sump Deadlift Incline BB Press
Front Squat Bent Row Romanian Deadlift Decline BB Press
Zercher Squat — — Military BB Press
Supplemental sets:

Performed after core set, two per session. Two schemes to keep muscles confused and engaged.

Week 1: 3-4×8-10
Week 2: 2-3×15-20
Week 3: 3-4×8-10
Week 4: 2-3×15-20
Squats Pull Lift Press
DB Lunge Flat Bench DB Row Cable Pull Through Flat DB Press
Reverse DB Lunge Cable Row Reverse Crunch Incline DB Press
Bulgarian Split Squat TBar Row BB Good Morning Decline DB Press
Front Squat Lat Pulldown Roman Chair Dips
Hack Squat Rack Chin Up Lying Leg Curl BB Push Press
— Rack Pull Up — BB High Pull

Three times per week, three sets. Go until failure for every set. Scale up as needed.

Hanging straight hip raises
Kettle ball swings
Plank variations

Five to ten minutes is enough. Proper form includes getting HR to the red (90%+ MHR), and then letting it cool down to the green (60% MHR) Options include:

Bike sprint
Medicine ball slam
Power ropes

Three minutes of cardio cool down, and then three minutes of stretching/foam rolling.

Determination of 1RM:

Perform 3-10 warm up sets of core lift to be estimated. These sets should gradually increase in weight until you begin to find it difficult to complete more than 4-6 reps.
Once you reach that 4-6 rep weight point, take 3-4 minutes of rest.
Complete one more set at the 4-6 rep weight. This set should be done to failure. Remember how many reps you were able to complete and how much weight was being used, as you will be using this number to estimate your 1RM.
Use for following formula to estimate your 1RM:
1RM = ((Reps completed x 0.0333333) + 1)) x Weight used
Example: Say you used 225lbs on your bench press and you completed 6 reps. You would determine your 1RM as follows:
Multiply 6 by 0.0333333, which equals 0.199
Add 1 to 0.199, which equals 1.199
Multiply 1.199 by 225, which equals 269.99

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